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A good computer processor is very important to the whole computer system since it connects all the other components and ensures that they operate efficiently. Thus, it is very important to select a good processor that would best suit your computer requirements. International computer company Intel has recently developed better options for today's computer users such as Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Processor. But Intel has no plans to stop with its newest release. It is determined to make an important breakthrough in the computer world by launching the first of a kind quad-core processor.

Quad core processors will undoubtedly be the biggest step in the development of computer processors. It is possible that that initial versions of quad core CPUS will use the same applications as the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Processor and even the current Intel Extreme X6800 but with the extra cores, it is possible to double the speed of conventional computer processors or double the data and information that they can process. With its four cores, Quad Core CPUs will surely show better performance and result in greater advantage to the million of computer user. Theoretically, Quad Core CPUs will be developed using the same principles of Core 2 processors where four Conroe cores from the Core 2 Duo processors will be incorporated in a single multi-chip processor package in order to increase the efficiency of multimedia application and multitasking capabilities. Processors with multiple cores would practically increase the performance and erase the glitches in many software applications now in the market.

Using its multiple cores, use of software applications can be maximized further such as games supporting 4+ cores such as Ubisoft Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Epic Unreal Engine 3, Valve Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Remedy Alan Wake, and THQ Supreme Commander as well as multimedia applications such as Steinberg-Yamaha Cubase v4.5 and TMPGEnc 2.524, Sony Vegas 7.0, Pov Ray 3.7 Beta, DVD Shrink 3.2, XMPEG with DIVX 6.2, Quicktime Pro 7.1, Pinnacle Studio dv 10, Maxon Cinema 4D v10 (TBD), Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Encore DVD 2, Adobe Premiere Pro 2/3.0, Adobe After Effects 7/8, and Autodesk 3DSMAX 8 as well as 3DSMAX 9. There are also other games and applications that use multiple cores which have yet to be released. The full potential of multiple core processors have yet to be realized. Nevertheless, computer software developers posit that multiple core processors will increase the performance of current and future software applications.

Quad Core CPU will surely bring to the highest possible level the performance of existing computer applications without adding up to the costs involved. Multiple core processors represent a huge edge in modern computer technology and bring to unparalleled levels the performance that computers of the future can do. With quad core CPUs, it will be easier for users to get a well-performing processor for less cost. With the recent launch of the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Processor, Intel is determined not only to make an edge over its rival companies but also bring modern computer technology way beyond its modern borders towards unexplored horizons.

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