Computer Articles Feed about computer Articles What is Adware ? Many individuals who work with the internet on a consistent basis have heard about “adware”. In this article, we will cover the topic of adware. What Is Computer Virus ? Each and every computer user has heard of a computer virus. In this article, computer viruses will be explained in complete detail. What is a Computer’s RAM ? Random access memory, usually known by its acronym RAM, is basically the short-term storage area for a computer’s data. In this article, we will cover basic types of RAM, how does it look like and measuring the Speed RAM Computer Hard Disk Explained This particular computer component is an essential part of each and every single computer system. In this article we will cover what is: platter, spindle, head, actuator arm, actuator axis, actuator, jumper block, IDE connector and power connector. Quad Core CPU A good computer processor is very important to the whole computer system since it connects all the other components and ensures that they operate efficiently. Quad core processors will undoubtedly be the biggest step in the development of computer processors. Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor Overall, it seems that Intel made quite the improvement with the Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor QX9650 and it seems to have been well worth the wait.