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Computer Hard Disk Explained
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Many individuals have heard of a computer hard disk. This particular computer component is an essential part of each and every single computer system. There are many names for this crucial computer part. Many people refer to this disk as the hard drive, fixed drive, or the hard disk. This computer component acts as a storage device for the computer system. In recent years, technological advances have integrated hard disks into devices like PDAs, digital cameras, and even popular video game consoles. In this article, however, you will receive an explanation on the computer hard disk.

Computer hard disks come in two forms. Normally, the hard disk that is in a computer system is considered to be an internal hard drive. These come installed as a basic component on nearly all new computer systems. However, now, it is possible to purchase an external hard disk drive for a computer. This allows an individual to enjoy extra storage capacity without having to worry about the internal configuration and installation of a second internal hard drive.

A computer hard disk has many different components. These components include the platter, the spindle, head, actuator arm, actuator axis, power connector, jumper block, IDE connector, and the actuator. All of these accessories to the computer hard disk are necessary in order for the hard disk to read, store, and record data. Here, we will break down these parts into simple explanations so that you may better understand them.

Platter This is the area where information is written to the hard disk. It spins constantly as it continues to add important data to the computer hard disk.

Spindle This device helps to hold the platter in place and makes it easy for the platter to spin at the necessary speed.

Head This is a form of a magnet that helps in the recording of information to the hard disk drive.

Actuator Arm This allows the head to move back and forth across the disk drive as it records information.

Actuator Axis This allows the actuator arm to move back and forth easily. It is the base for the actuator arm.

Actuator Continually reads and records information.

Jumper Block This allows a cable to connect to the power supply of the computer and/or the motherboard device in the computer system.

IDE Connector This allows a cable to run from the hard disk drive to the motherboard of the computer.

Power Connector This also assists in providing power from the power supply.

In order for a computer hard disk drive to run effectively, there are many magnetic and electrical components that work together in an efficient manner to handle the reading, recording, and storage of the information that is transmitted. The hard drive stores the operating system of the computer, programs, and little bits of information from web pages that are visited, cache.

Hard disk drives in computers are generally sealed to avoid the dangers that foreign particles may pose to the computer component. There are many different kinds and sizes of hard disk sizes. Some are as small as less than one gigabyte, while there are others that are capable of holding as much as one terabyte or more of storage.

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