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What is Adware ?
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Many individuals who work with the internet on a consistent basis have heard about adware?. Most of the time, an individual understands that it is important to keep adware from infecting their computer system. They may even have an adware removal system installed on their computer. However, if you were to ask an individual the definition of adware, they could probably not provide you with one that is specific to this software. In this article, we will cover the topic of adware. You will come out knowing an exact definition of what adware is, how it is used, and the steps that you can take to prevent an outbreak on your computer system.

The first thing that you should understand about adware is that this term is used to describe a much longer term. Adware is a condensed version of advertisement software?. When this particular software program has been installed on a computer, and is up and running, it will result in an assortment of banners that display numerous advertisements. These advertisements are created using a particular code that will track the internet activities of an individual. As the individual searches the internet, and performs similar activities online, the adware will run in the background to create pop-ups that will be geared towards these activities.

Generally, an internet user will not be aware that an adware program is running in the background services of their computer. When this advertisement software runs on the computer, it does not require the user to authorize the activities that it performs. Additionally, it does not require the user's permission to monitor and track the things that they do online, the searches that they perform, and the websites that they view. However, many individuals download adware on a daily basis and actually consent to the download without realizing that this is what they are allowing to be placed on their computer.

We have all stumbled upon free offers on the internet. These offers may include free email services, free anti-virus programs, free internet search bar offers, free file sharing programs, and even free instant messaging services. Many of us have decided that we should enjoy the free offer as it will benefit us in one way or another. As we download the free offer, we will be introduced to a message that reads something like in order to keep our services free of cost, and we will need to agree to download a toolbar or similar product in order to continue the download and installation of the free product. Simply put, this which keeps the services free is usually adware programs.

There are many adware programs on the internet today. Some of the most popular adware programs include:

• Cursor Mania
• Zango
• Bonzi Buddy
• Smiley Central
• Weatherbug

In addition to the above-mentioned adware programs, adware is also offered in many other popular programs, such as:

• Limewire
• Kazaa
• Windows Live Messenger
• Frostwire
• Napster
• Bearshare

There are numerous prevention methods that can be employed by internet users in order to protect themselves from adware. Here, you will find a few of these tips:

• If your operating system is a Microsoft Windows version, it is important that you keep your computer protected by downloading and installing security updates as they become available.

• If you wish to subscribe to a particular program, pay the costs related to the program. If you select a free version, you may be subjected to adware.

• Research an adware removal tool on your computer such as Spybot, or Ad-Aware. These programs will effectively seek out and destroy intruding adware on your computer system.

• Research operating systems that are Linux based to prevent the intrusion of adware on your computer.

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