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What Is Computer Virus ?
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Each and every computer user has heard of a computer virus. Many individuals understand that a computer virus can pose a negative impact on a computer system, but they do not understand how or why. In this article, computer viruses will be explained in complete detail. This will ensure that each and every computer user is aware of what a computer virus is, how they work, and what can be done to prevent them. Whether you are a novice or an advanced computer user, you are sure to walk away with something new from the information contained here.

We all know what a virus feels like when we obtain one. When an individual has a virus, it is a foreign body that infects the cells within our body. ?Virus? is actually a noun that is derived from the Latin language and means ?toxin?. Once this type of toxin organism infects a cell that is considered to be a host in the body, it will continue to replicate itself. Many viruses can prove to be quite deadly in that some of the most dangerous diseases in the world are virus based. Some examples include the AIDS virus and even rabies! A computer virus works in a manner that is much similar to a human virus.

A virus ? whether it is invading a human or a computer ? does not require or wait on the permission of an individual to proceed in taking its course. A computer virus is a program. This program can infect a system and quickly duplicate itself throughout the system. The user of a computer may not even realize that this is happening. Viruses normally just infect one computer, however, if that computer is part of a network or implements the use of peripherals that are exchanged among other computers, a computer virus may be spread to other systems much like a human virus travels from one person to another.

Some computer viruses work by replicating themselves and infecting as many possible areas of the system as possible. Once this infection is present, the files may be deleted, programs may be severely damaged, the hard disk, or hard drive, on the computer may experience technical difficulties. Some computer viruses, or dangerous computer programs, may cause complications as far as the virtual memory of a computer is concerned. These programs may also attach themselves to various computer programs and files and result in advertisements being displayed and burdening the system.

Many individuals have found that after they have experienced a computer virus that their system starts to act in an erratic manner. Many times, data loss is experienced. The computer system that is damaged by a computer virus may even result in a computer crash. While some damage by computer viruses can be reversed, it is quite common to find that the damage is irreversible. This is why it is particularly important to ensure that your computer system is properly protected.

There are many anti-virus programs available today. An anti-virus computer program works much like an influenza shot works for people. By giving a person a shot to guard against possible infection, that individual has the resources necessary to prevent and fight any possible virus infection. By implementing the use of a proper anti-virus computer program, you are allowing your system the proper resources to prevent and fight any possible computer virus infection.

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